Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kaltim Forest Damage Reaches 8.1 Million Hectares

SAMARINDA - East Kalimantan Deforestation increasingly apprehensive, based on data from East Kalimantan Forest Service in 2004 indicates a damaged area of ​​forest resources to reach 6.4 million hectares and in 2009 increased to 8.1 million hectares, including the destruction of mangrove forests in the area of ​​the Mahakam Delta.

"Deforestation Kaltim in 2004 reached 6.4 million hectares with an average damage rate of 350 thousand hectares per year. The damage continues, so in 2009 is estimated at 8.1 million hectares of damaged forest East Kalimantan," said the Governor of East Kalimantan, Dr Awang Faroek H Isaac at the welcome dinner REDD Implementation Workshop participants, in the hall Lamin Etam, Monday night (21 / 3).

According to Awang, in order to address the occurrence of damage to forest areas which have a negative impact on the environment, especially climate. East Kalimantan provincial government to do the necessary steps to reduce deforestation and forest degradation.

Important steps are among others that include aspects of institutional, sectoral empowerment and improving the welfare of society as well as cooperation with various stakeholders.
From the policy side, East Kalimantan provincial government tried to synergize the development-oriented approach to improving the welfare of society, while still considering aspects of environmental sustainability.

This was stated in East Kalimantan provincial government's vision, namely "To materialize as Central Kalimantan Agro Industry and Energy Leading Toward a Just and Prosperous Society." Concretely, the government's policy was stated in the activities of which are summarized in the program "Kaltim Green".

"Kaltim Green is a regional program that has the policies, governance and development that provides social and ecological protection of the community. As well as providing long-term guarantee of the safety and welfare of society and sustainable environment," he explained.
Declaration Green Kaltim (Kaltim Green) in January 2010 and then as a result of Kaltim Summit meeting. Through this declaration has been programmed to move one person to plant five trees (one man five trees) and to date has planted 4.83 million trees.

However, the East Kalimantan provincial government aware of these efforts are not without problems and constraints, especially concerning human resources and budget as well as institutional support that has not been firmly established.

"Accordingly, the need for enhanced cooperation with various related parties for the development of climate change programs, particularly in the area of ​​East Kalimantan REDD can be done well," please Awang Faroek. (Yans / hmsprov).

Photo: Governor of East Kalimantan, Dr Awang Faroek H Ishak, continue to encourage the planting of trees including the types of local fruits as an effort to succeed in the program Kaltim Green. (Yayan / humasprov)

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