Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Find a New Species, LIPI Search at Kaltim Forest

Previously, the team discovered a new species of Conservation International, Pinocchio-nosed frog

VIVAnews - Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and will continue to conduct scientific expeditions to discover new species in Indonesia.

"There are still many new species in Indonesia, which has not been found. The expedition will be made to Papua New Guinea," said Head of LIPI, Anggara Umar Jenie, after giving a speech on global warning Biodiversity Day which falls on May 22, 2010 at LIPI Biology, District Cibinong, Bogor regency, West Java.

LIPI, he added, will be working with researchers from Japan.
Meanwhile, Head of Research Center for Biology LIPI, Bogor, Siti Nuramaliati Prijono, say, at this year's scientific expedition will comb the area of East Kalimantan.

The expedition will be conducted in July and August. "The region of East Kalimantan is one of Asia's largest tropical forest and its location was on the border between Malaysia and Indonesia."

"Hopefully, the expedition found a number of new species," he said.

Previously, scientists who are members of Conservation International and LIPI survey, found several new species in remote forests in the Foja Mountains, Papua.

There is a long-nosed frog-like cartoon character, Pinocchio. Uniquely it can be elongated nose frog and deflate. There are also several new mammal species, such as the world's smallest wallaby, bats that feed on plant juices of tropical rain forests, giant furry rodents, insects, and some other animals, including yellow-eyed gargoyle geckos similar.

Frogs 'Pinocchio' by chance sitting on bags of rice in the camp of the scientists. Fortunately, Paul Oliver, scientists from the University of Adelaide to see its emergence.

During the survey, the team also found a wallaby, the smallest species in the kangaroo family. Also black and white butterfly that is found along the tree rats and pigeons emperor with a unique color, the color of rust, white, and gray.

The expedition was conducted in November 2008. The story of this discovery appeared in the June edition of National Geographic magazine, complete with photographs of the captured Tim Page, wildlife photographer.

The discovery of this new species was published a week after the United Nations (UN) said that world governments have failed to meet targets to stop the rate of species loss. (Mt)

Report: Ayatollah Humaeni | Bogor

Clouded Tiger: New Species in Borneo

GENEVA, THURSDAY - Although already identified more than 100 years ago, the clouded leopard found on Borneo and Sumatra island only recently recognized as a new species since late last year. DNA test results showed, clouded leopard from Indonesia that has many different genetic properties similar to clouded leopards spread across the continent of Asia.

From now on, Neofelis diardi a new species name. Previously called the Borneo clouded leopard species name Neofelis nebulosa diardi. Clouded leopard was first identified in 1821 by British naturalist Edward Griffith and given the scientific name Neofelis nebulosa. Until now, all clouded leopards which are found in Asia are classified into one species with several subspecies variants.

However, DNA tests conducted at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the U.S. showed that the clouded leopard in Borneo and Sumatra has 36 different genetic makeup than the clouded leopard general. In comparison, the lion and tiger are both big cats have different genetic properties of 56. Results of research conducted Valerie A. Buckley-Beason from the Laboratory of Genome Diversity at NCI and a number of his colleagues carried out on 109 clouded leopards living in different regions. These findings have been published the results in the journal Current Biology on December 6, 2006.

"For more than 100 years we see these animals and do not realize that he was unique," said Stuart Chapman, coordinator of the Heart of Borneo, programs, World Wide Fund (WWF), which aims to preserve forests on Borneo island. The new clouded leopard is classified as a new species is expected to remain between 5,000 to 11,000 thousand in Borneo and between 3,000 to 7,000 in Sumatra.

He has a style like a cloud of small, double-striped pattern on the back, and hair color gray, darker than similar species. Meanwhile, spread a kind of clouded leopard in Nepal, southern China, and Southeast Asia has a large cloud patterns, striped patterns only near the tail, and bright hair colors.

Neofelis diardi is a major predator on Borneo that are in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam. Diet monkeys, deer, birds and lizards. The size of canines belonging to his longest among other cats. Life expectancy is now only remaining in the area of Heart of Borneo, a tropical forest in the central part of Borneo area of 220 thousand square kilometers which last month set by the government of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam as a conservation area.

These findings prove the importance of conservation efforts on the island of Borneo. Late last year, WWF announced the discovery of 52 new species, including 30 species of fish and plants on the island. (Source: AP)

Friday, December 10, 2010

166 Mining Company Threatens Forests of Borneo

Samarinda (ANTARA News) - WALHI East Kalimantan data reveals that increasingly severe deforestation problem actually is not from the forestry sector, but there are 166 coal-mining company that is now doing lend use forest areas so that threaten its sustainability.

"Unfortunately, most of the land that became the region lend use by coal-mining company that is included in the category of protected forest," said Director of WALHI East Kalimantan, Samarinda Isal Ward on Monday.

morally and for the sake of saving kaltim remaining natural forests, he added there is no argument that justified when the new Minister of Forestry forest lending agrees to activities outside of forestry proposed by the Government of district / city and more than 60 mining companies in Kalimantan.

Based on data that showed the largest Walhi who filed a license lend use of forest is in South of 72 coal companies, and then reached 65 companies in East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and West Kalimantan 20 companies, eight companies.

Since 2001, deforestation rates in East Kalimantan (the reduction of forest area) reached 350 thousand hectares every year, causing losses for communities in East Kalimantan are still dependent of forest products.

He explained that in the process, the central government through the ministry should not give permission lend use of forest areas for activities outside kehutatan although the rules / regulations are justified when existing SK Menhut lend use of forest areas.

"This request should be reviewed in depth given the increasing levels of deforestation in East Kalimantan and even penetrated the Protection Forest in East Kalimantan," he said.

Exploitation of forest area in East Kalimantan will have a very significant impact on sustainability and preservation of forests in East Kalimantan and directly affected the ecological disaster that occurred in East Kalimantan.

He added that for the case in the District Nunukan monitoring results show that the District Government kaltim WALHI (Pemkab) Nunukan had engaged in road clearing projects in protected forest areas.

"Regency until now have not indicated to be shown to the public regarding SK Menhut lend use Protected Forest areas in Nunukan district," he said.

Nunukan Pemkab action was a violation of the function areas and legislation applicable to the forestry sector.

"Seyogyakanya security forces should stop the project within the protected forest area," he asserted.

Isal added that the new Minister of Forestry also should not give SK lend use to Nunukan regency until there is an in-depth review of the project indicated the project has been carried out considering the absence of SK lend use issued by the Ministry of Forestry.

"Regarding the coal mining, it is obvious that these activities will indirectly reduce the forest area in East Kalimantan and to this reclamation carried out by some big companies in East Kalimantan coal has not run optimally," he said.

Lack of realization of the reclamation program is evident with the discovery of some reclaimed land that has not been maximally by a team of provincial Parliament some time that has passed. (Ant/K004)
Source: http://www.antaranews.com

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wain River Protected Forest

Exactly, Wain-river protected forest is one of nature vacation destination place from East Kalimantan Province. Wain-river protected forest is combination between forest and river vacation. Wain-river protected forest has 10,025 hectares wide area. At 1932, Wain-river protected forest was under Kutai Sultanate protected. Afterward this exotic vacation destination place has becomes the clean water source for two big cities in East Kalimantan province (Samarinda and Balikpapan). Today this tropical rainforest has become one of the best Indonesia vacation packages from east Kalimantan province.

This forest enriches by many rare animals such as honey bear, black monkey, orang utan, etc. Since 1992, Wain-river protected forest has been used as rehabilitation place for orang utan. This forest has received 80 orang utan species which caught by Borneo Orang Utan Survival Foundations (BOSF). Besides as vacation destination place, this forest is used for flora and fauna laboratory in Balikpapan city. At this forest, the visitors can enjoy the beautiful of wain river panoramas. Wain-river protected forest condition which some of its place is swamp makes the visitors who want to come to this place must have good preparation. The visitors can try tracking experience to explore this forest. While exploring this forest, we can see various rare animals such as honey bear and orang utan.

Wain-river protected forest is located at Balikpapan city, East Kalimantan province. Situated 15KM at the north of Balikpapan city, we can come to this place from Balikpapan by using local public transportation. This forest location is near of Balikpapan – Samarinda route. So, if we want to find great vacation experience, just come to this place and feel great Indonesia vacation Packages from East Kalimantan province.