Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eceng Gondok and Livestock Manure As a Power Source

SAMARINDA - Kukar waters, especially lakes have the potential to generate electricity for the surrounding community by using environmentally friendly technologies. Of the 72,138 hectares of water area is overgrown with water hyacinth, capable of generating electric power by 10.72 MW.

"This is a potential that should be utilized for the prosperity of communities around the lake. But this potential has not been ogled, but the concept is very simple technology. We have done preliminary research on management of water hyacinth into electrical energy, "said Rudianto Amirta, lecturer at the Faculty of Forestry University Mulawarman (Unmul).

Through research conducted at the Clinic Unmul Cleaner Production (CPCU / ​​Cleaner Production Unmul Clinic), he and other researchers make use of water hyacinth as a base material of biogas through fermentation by microorganisms. Of biogas was later converted into electrical energy.

"If local governments are willing to exploit this potential, may be made a kind of pilot project (pilot project, Ed.). We are ready to share the research we've done for the sake of community service, "said the man who completed the S3 at Kyoto University, Japan.

Mentioned about the reasons for the use of water hyacinth, Rudianto explained if the growth of water hyacinth is so fast that sometimes disrupt the ecosystem of the lake and the waters in East Kalimantan. "The concept is basically looking for problem solving (problem solving, Ed.) Of the problems facing the region. Preferred solution that can generate potential benefits of government and society, "he said.

From the survey results revealed water hyacinth conversion into biogas supported the growth of water hyacinth that has been measured, so the potential to be done on a large scale. From the extent of public waters in Kukar around 199 407 hectares, about 48.2 percent is lake waters or area of ​​96,184 hectares and amounted to 76 lakes. About 75 percent or 72 138 ha of lake area was overgrown with weeds water hyacinth-dominated water.

"Not just change the water hyacinth biogas so, we also conduct research on water hyacinth growth. From a plot measuring one square meter sample known to the average weight for 5 weeks increased by 496 percent, from 0.81 kg to 4.83 kg, "said Sri Purwatiningsih, researchers in other CPCU said.

Of water hyacinth growth data was obtained 34.8 million kg of wet water hyacinth from the lake area of ​​72,138 hectares. If the humidity factor in Kukar at 0:07, then the weight of water hyacinth dry kiln is obtained as many as 2.47 million kg. "From the results of water hyacinth processing into biogas obtained 5.56 ml of biogas per day in each gram of water hyacinth. This means that every day gained 13.74 thousand cubic meters. Example of biogas that there were 65 percent pure methane gas, then gained 8.93 thousand cubic meters of methane gas, "said Yuliansyah, Director CPCU.

From the data it is unknown if the per cubic meter of methane gas equivalent to 700 ml of fuel to power generators 2 horsepower for 2 hours or equivalent to 1.2 kW of electricity, so that from 8.93 thousand cubic meters of methane gas will generate 10.72 MW of electrical energy.

"Seeing the increment value of production per day is so great, then this application can be done on the lake in Kukar. If Regency Kukar interested, of course we are ready to conduct cooperation in the implementation of this application of our research, "said Yuliansyah Rudianto and Sri Purwatiningsih together.