Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forest and land fires, What should be done immediately?

In every incident of fire and forest land, there is always the question, "What should be done immediately?"

The main and urgent (in the short term) that needs to be done when there is a fire extinguishing. Until now, efforts to extinguishing forest fires and land continue to be true, but the results have not been significant. This is because the comparison with the resources extinguisher luasahan land that does not burn balanced. In addition, the management of fire fighting is still not effective.

For the effectiveness of fire fighting and forest land, some of the things that need to be done is:
Extinction in the Land / Field

* Mobilization and involvement of various parties in the fire fighting activities.
Currently, the involvement of various parties in extinguishing forest fires and land is still minimal. Community involvement is very important, because they are located directly on the location of fire.
* Installation and Placement Tools extinguisher in a location Rawan fire.
Currently, most equipment concentrate fire on the office / posko located in the city of provincial / district. So that at the time required to extinction, a mobilization tool constraints. In addition, the areas identified in fire-prone, there is rarely a means of water container, such embung-embung water. Installation and placement of equipment / facilities must be done before the fire.
* Search for substitute water for fire fighting.
Water is the most important element in fire fighting. However, not all of the location of the fire there is water, so to look for water that can be used to turn off the fire. The material can be used, among others, soil, sand, tree trunks and wet / fresh prostrate. Substitution of water can only be done for the surface fire. Turf fire for land, water is absolutely necessary.
* Selection Method Extinction right.
There are several methods of extinguishing forest fires and land. Currently, most methods used are extinguishing the fire / fire directly, though not all types of fires can be directly by others with extinction. Extinction can be done when the fire has not been widespread and the number of gang extinguisher adequate. However, when a fire has occurred on the broad scale, extinction is not directly effective, they should look for other methods. An effective method for fire that is already widespread localize fire. The concept is the expense of areas that have been burned with a certain area rescuing other broader.

Extinction of the Air

* Heavy Buatan
Rain is the best way and most effective way to put out the fire. Unfortunately rain occurs naturally in the season. Land and forest fires usually occur during the dry season, so it is very difficult to expect the rain to help pemadamanya. How can that be implemented is an artificial rain. However, artificial rain can be held when conditions awannya possible. Several incidents of fire, rain made terbukti significant fires and reduce the impact.
* Air bombardment (Extinction Using Aircraft)
Fire fighting aircraft can effectively use the available water resources and adequate capacity transport aircraft. Bombardment of several efforts to water, such as in Riau and Central Kalimantan, efektifitasnya still low, because the carrying capacity of water a small plane (300-500 liters), so that the level of the fire, can not be quenched significantly.

Method extinction from the air requires a high cost. In fact, the problem often cited by government agencies in handling forest fires and land cost is a problem.

The question, whether the government has enough funds to put out the fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan to use aircraft from Russia, while the government always complained about the limited funds on fire? If kendalanya funds, extinction of land (in the field) is a cheap way, provided that is done is done in a way that is more effective (to a certain location or condition of the air aided extinction). But if there is money, why not do from the first to use fire fighting capacity of the aircraft? So that the fire will not separah at this time. In addition to ability, the government required a willingness to overcome the fire and its impact, and that the will should arise because of the government, not a protest or because of pressure from neighboring countries.