Thursday, December 25, 2008

Forestry students do not know enter forest

The first time you log in forestry faculty. Your mind, you will often go out the forest. but in fact, if calculated on the count, a practice we truly enter a forest seems to be twice as long as students. The first practical introduction and management of forests (p3h) and practical field work (pkl). for this is the last, there is also a change with the course work in real villages. Why? because I have a practice. Lucky, in my department so field work conservation in its national parks.

once again fortunate to enter the forest resource conservation. because of the other departments, like we deh most often enter the forest. although only a day and up to overnight. to national parks, to nature, to preserve clan animals, to the center conservation animals, etc.. unfortunetly no-odor smell forests.

actually I also have some friends who are often out in the forest entrance. but it is not the practice of course, but the student organization activities. if my name in the department himakova (collective student resource conservation forest).unfortunately many activities. animals observation, the survey of flora, of the cave, etc. others student organizations such as this that there is a uni lawalata and fauna conservation. if this level of organization in the university. but unfortunately only a few active and interested in here. the other forestry students more active in other organizations outside the field of forestry. including the time I do. if the current thinking in the longer-thought, nyesal also yes. incoming faculty forestry but did not feel the closeness with nature and forests. seems to be the exclamation lho.

continues to be one of mind. I, for example, I will desire so lecturers forestry. will continue to reach for example, seems to me will make it difficult ngejelasin forest as it is. how they live in the forest. and the like. I want ngejelasin, aja kitanya own experience of a few. it is theoretically possible can. aja but I still want that experience is the story directly as often carried out by lecturers me now. What we can also explain the inspirer of others to maintain, and if we protect the forest itself is familiar with the forest?. so I do? Ha ha ha …